Urban X – Wine Drinking in Chernobyl!

This is a fascinating episode with Urban X who describes himself as an Urban Explorer. He has managed to access hundreds of sites ranging from lunatic asylums, drainage systems beneath the city streets, the cockpit of a 747 to Kanye West’s hotel room! Arguably the most interesting of all his explorations though are his trips to one of the most radioactive places on Earth, Chernobyl. In this show we go into depth learning about this little known subculture of Urban Exploring and find out how this led to Urban X drinking home made wine inside the Red Forest, one of the most radioactive areas within the military exclusion zone! If your anything like me at the end of the show you’ll be left wondering how Urban X has made you want to add ‘visit Chernobyl’ to your to do list! To keep up to date with Urban X’x crazy adventures visit his site http://www.urbanxphotography.co.uk/.

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