No time to eat clean? –Make your own Soylent!

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Ever stopped to consider how much of your time you spend preparing food…? As an athlete or even as a simple functioning humanoid incarnate in our marvellous post-modern metropolis the answer is almost certainly that you spend a significant amount of your day dedicated to preparation of meals that are nutrient dense and satiating. If this isn’t the case then you’re wasting a lot of your training efforts and setting yourself up for health issues in the near future so eat clean, speed your recovery and enable yourself for your next workout. In the following text I’m going to tell you how you can eat an incredibly time efficient and low cost diet that tastes great and will have achieving your athletic goals –whether you’re trying for fat loss, ketosis, fat adaptation, mass gain, anti-inflammation, a more paleo style nutritional approach or just trying to step your game up from pop-tarts and instant coffee to better general health.

I hear you say “I don’t have time”. Trust me guys I can relate –I’m training for an Ultra Marathon whilst trying to maintain my game as a Sales Executive and I still find time to live a social lifestyle –it isn’t easy BUT after a couple of years experimenting with my diet I have come up with a formula and approach which saves me HOURS – I can now run more, work more, party longer, spend less time shopping and save some cash on grocery bills. Here’s what gave me the idea for the main pillar of my diet: ever hear about Soylent? The story in short is that an American computer scientist created a one-stop-shop formula that you would consume on it’s own for every meal which would provide you with all your daily nutrient requirements. My issue with this is that everyone’s requirements are different –for example I just looked at the vitamin D level and it’s far too low for someone living in the northern hemisphere. I also don’t imagine that it tastes very good and isn’t very close to the ‘earth grown’ philosophy that I try to eat by predominantly – nature don’t get things wrong.

Now although I don’t like the product I do like the idea as a time saver so I came up with the below recipe in which you can make enough for a week in about 5 minutes preparation time –preferably on a Sunday.

The ‘runfardreambig chia based mix’

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Hazelnuts
  • Brazilnuts
  • Milled Flax seed
  • Golden Flax seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Dried coconut
  • Goji Berries
  • Cinnamon (loads!)
  • Sweet powder: Maca powder or Mesquite powder or ground cocoa nibs

Just smash or blend it up to your own preference –chunky or finely ground- and use whatever quantities you want although I’d say take it easy on the brazil nuts (no more than about 15) and go big on the chia seeds and cinnamon. Then just add milk, though obviously not commercial diary, I’d recommend hemp milk, coconut milk, almond milk, raw goats milk etc…

The recipe for Low carbohydrate

The mix will enable you to stay in ketosis or fat adaptation as goji berries aren’t the bulk of the recipe and have low sugar for a dried fruit (they also have medicinal properties and a host of other health benefits related to their consumption). The cinnamon and fats also slow digestion and thus further prevent an insulin spike from the berries.

I structure my day to be very low carb before training in the evening to induce fat adaptation and my last meal –post training at night- will be a high carbohydrate backload. So in the morning when I want fats and protein I can mix coconut oil into the recipe or even make it with coconut cream. The reality is that I usually just make it with hemp milk and have a black coffee alongside with coconut oil stirred into it.

The recipe for High carbohydrate (carb- loading)

As stated above my last meal of the day is high carbohydrate to replace glycogen after training. Mostly this meal for me consists of a massive bowl, enough for about three people, of rice and black beans with heaps of vegetables stir fried in grass fed butter. There are however a few times during the week where I won’t have time for the stir fry and so I will use the runfardreambig chia base mix with loads of added fresh fruit. I personally really like dates, prunes and bananas but go for whatever you want and go big! It’s very hard to put on body fat with the carbohydrate backload structure. During these days I sometimes feel like I haven’t taken in enough greens and so I’ll just shot some wheatgrass at some point during the day.

So that’s it guys, make it at home, take it on the road with you, eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, before training, after training and even eat it as a trail mix during your endurance training if your stomach can handle it…

Tell your friends, tell your girlfriends and tell your friends girlfriend. Eat sleep grow repeat; run far dream big!

Take it sleazy!



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