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Hey guys, I had someone recently say to me that eatsleepgrowrepeat should keep it’s podcasts shorter and that the articles written for this site -movement/team/underground cult that prays on those bored with ‘average’- should be comparably streamlined. George Orwell anyone? The streamlined men who talk in slogans and think in bullets’ –1984 Well listen, I like the long format conversation. I enjoy, respect and often share in the approach of those who are willing to commit to the distance, throw out the short cuts and invest the time – has anyone ever actually met someone with four minute abs? But on this occasion in which I’m jet lagged, over worked and over trained I’ll abide by the advice of our aforementioned detractor and keep this one pretty succinct. I’m going to tell you about the idea and just one practical application and then follow it with a few subsequent articles that will elucidate the matter further. I’m going to tell you about a simple concept that will improve your health with a greater abundance of locally sourced, organic earth grown nutrients whilst simultaneously saving you money, encouraging a more primal life style and protecting our natural habitat. Here’s what I’m talking about: foraged food. There’s actually people out there eating diets consisting of 50%, 90% and even 100% foraged food sources that I’m sure are experiencing physical, mental and spiritual levels of health way beyond that of the normal population. I’m going to apply this idea to my diet under the same conceptual umbrella that I already train and eat: with simplicity.  Don’t fall into the danger of seeking constant variety and never getting anything completed or consistent. Instead find something effective that you enjoy and apply/practise/consume it over and over again. Become a perfectionist; A connoisseur. And with that ladies and gents’ I present you with our most easily sourced ingredient: The Dandelion. The dandelion is a source of calcium, iron and vitamins A and C .This micronutrient combination is beneficial for the immune system, vision and skin amongst other things. And here’s the application potential:

  1. It’s easy to find –look for healthy strong bunches with green leaves in rural areas preferably
  2. You can consume the entire plant –even the roots
  3. You can consume it raw or cooked –where it retains its nutrients
  4. Versatile ingredient: Add to stir fry’s, salads, smoothies

And yeah, it’s completely free of charge… Enjoy! I’ll be back soon with more free food ideas and recipes –as I continue researching and experimenting in this area myself.   Take it sleazy,     -Harrisano

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