Rosi Sexton – Injury Prevention for Combat Sports

Rosi Sexton is best known for her achievements in MMA having fought for all the major organisations including the UFC, becoming the first British woman to do so.  A qualified Osteopath, Rosi has now switched her focus from causing injuries to treating and preventing them!  Unsurprisingly Rosi has a particular interest in athletes involved in combat sports, so I thought it would be useful for many Eat Sleep Grow Repeat listeners to get her on the show.  Even if you are not involved in combat sports there is still a lot of interesting information within this episode.

During the podcast we talk about Rosi’s MMA career and discuss the direction women’s MMA is heading in.  We then move onto discussing injury prevention and Rosi reveals her concerns about the wrestler’s bridge and tells us why even your grandma should be deadlifting!

Leicester Shootfighters physio Karl Green also joins us to add his considerable knowledge to the conversation.  Karl has written several articles on the subject of injury prevention in BJJ and has treated numerous grapplers, including myself!

If you want to hear more from Rosi and Karl then check out the links below:

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