Roli Delgado – on TUF, Frank Mir, Fighting in the UFC & Competition Training

I caught up with BJJ Blackbelt and former UFC and Bellator fighter Roli ‘The Crazy Cuban’ Delgado whilst he was in Leicester teaching his Legal Leglock’s system.  Never considered a natural athlete, Roli’s success in BJJ and MMA comes down to hard work and his analytical approach to learning and constantly developing his game.  This has led to him becoming an excellent coach and he now now co-owns Westside MMA in Arkansas.

During the show we discuss Roli’s career fighting on MMA’s biggest shows, yet still struggling to make a living from the sport.  Roli talks about his time on The Ultimate Fighter and the controversy regarding Frank Mir questioning his Blackbelt.  He then gives us some great tips on keeping students engaged and attending class, keeping yourself motivated to constantly learn and provides an interesting pre-competition training strategy picked up from his time coaching in Naples.

If you want to know more about Roli and his Legal Leglocks system then check out the following links:

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