Nic Gabriel – Living Life to the Max!

For this episode it was my pleasure to welcome Nic Gabriel to the show. Nic was the first person ever to receive a black belt from arguably the best grappler in the world, Roger Gracie and is a successful Jiu-Jitsu competitor having won numerous prestigious titles. He is the founder of the excellent Jui-Jitsu Brotherhood movement and travels the world teaching his holistic approach to Jui-Jitsu training. He is also co-host of The Journey Podcast having previously co-hosted the very successful London Real show. Although Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a massive part of Nic’s life and something we talk about on the show there is so much more to Nic. We go onto discuss the important role yoga plays in Nic’s training, his controversial views on performance enhancing drugs, his unbelievable experiences using the plant medicine ayahuasca in the jungles of Peru, meditation and his love of Burning Man Festival! This is fascinating episode and I think we could have carried on all day but we had to rush off to an equally enjoyable Jui-Jitsu Brotherhood seminar Nic was running in Leicester. For more details on future seminars and a host of excellent videos and articles go to

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