Nathan Leverton & Chiu Kwong Man – Fighting Talk

Our guests for this edition of the podcast are two of England’s top independent Jiu-Jitsu instructor’s, Leicester Shootfighters Nathan Leverton and Chiu Kwong Man of Team Renegade BJJ. Although both our now running successful clubs producing champions who compete across the globe, they took very different paths. Chiu attained his black belt under multiple BJJ World Champion Braulio Estima, before taking the unusual step of leaving Gracie Barra to set up his own team. Regular listeners may remember Nathan’s story from the earlier Geoff Thompson podcast.  Geoff is the closest Nathan has come to having an instructor in the traditional sense, being largely self taught through books, DVDs and seminars.  Nathan’s ability to breakdown techniques, analysis strengths and weaknesses and devise game plans has seen him corner over 100 MMA fights in six different countries, including ten UFC fights for Dan Hardy, Andre Winner and Nick Osipczak. This episode is a free flowing conversation on all things fight related. We discuss training for self defence, yoga for BJJ, the problems with White Collar MMA, why BJJ has lost its effectiveness in MMA, Metamoris and how BJJ can become more marketable as a spectator sport.  We also get their tips on setting up your own club and they reveal their dream Metamoris match ups. If you would like to know more about these coaches and their excellent clubs then please visit and

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