Jordan Harbinger – The Art of Charm

Jordan Harbinger was a Wall Street lawyer who turned his back on a great salary and clear career path to co-found The Art of Charm podcast, a show dedicated to helping men pick up women.  Over the next seven years the business grew exponentially, the podcast now gets over 1.1 million downloads a month and the personal coaching sessions know as ‘AoC Bootcamps’ run every week in Hollywood, California attracting people from all other the globe.  This success is due in part to the evolution of the product from a PUA podcast to a premiere men’s lifestyle resource, helping guys and girls excel in business, health and relationships, whether that be with friends and family or their partners. In this episode we talk about the problem with pick ups guys, Jordan gives us his advice on choosing the right career and pointers on how to create a network in a new town whether at home or abroad.  We get some practical tips on improving your body language and discuss the importance of vocal tonality and eye contact, plus Jordan tells us why ‘follow your passion’ is terrible advice. Although this isn’t as long as some of the other podcasts on the site due to Jordan having other commitments, the show is packed with useful, practical information you can start using today. Ben and I certainly came away with a few things to think about so hope you find this one useful too. If you want to hear more from Jordan then check out his excellent site and podcast at

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