Geoff Thompson – From Bouncer to BAFTA

In this episode I am joined by the ever inspiring Geoff Thompson. Geoff’s amazing story takes him from a sexually abused child to a depressed man in a dead end job living with constant fear. Fast forward to Geoff making his name on the doors of some of Britain’s roughest nightclubs before leaving the world of violence behind to go onto becoming a BAFTA award winning writer. He has now written over 40 books, five award winning films and three stage plays plus hosts his own aptly named podcast ‘Inspired’. Co-hosting with me on this show is one of Geoff’s former students Nathan Leverton. Nathan is the head coach of Leicester Shootfighters and has written for and been featured in numerous publications including Men’s Fitness and Fighter’s Only. He has cornered over 100 MMA fights including 10 in the UFC for Dan Hardy, Andre Winner and Nick Osipczak. Geoff’s an absorbing guy with an fascinating way of looking at the world and it was a privilege to have him share some of his knowledge with us on the show. For all things Geoff Thompson, from books to walks, check out his website

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