Eyes to the sky – A plan for the rest of your life….

Why am I wearing sun glasses indoors…?

Here at eatsleepgrowrepeat we literally live out the philosophy that is implied by the name. Whether it’s competing in Jiu Jitsu and Ultra marathon, interviewing legends, attending seminars and training camps with the world’s best in their field, or even just hanging out with the worlds greatest DJs as Jamie Rylett did last month at Chicanes place in Ibiza. It’s not all sunshine and blue sky though. I was struggling for inspiration for this month’s article when the person I was speaking with via skype implied –only half tongue in cheek- that I sometimes behave somewhat conceitedly –‘Holding or characterized by an unduly high opinion of oneself; vain.’ (Farlex, free dictionary). And so it’s because of this that I felt compelled to bring you a snap shot of the lowest point in my daily life: it’s a well-known fact that only a jackass wears sunglasses indoors so why on earth am I doing it?

About four years ago I leveraged charm and social skills for the purposes of chasing cash. Rather than living authentically and pursuing everything through passion I was compelled to manipulate and falsely represent myself on more than one occasion… and Karma catches up to you…

So I’m sorry… but only for myself! It was this misrepresentation that has years later led me to occasionally put brightly coloured or classic raybans on indoors whilst I make my most difficult phone calls. I hate this part of my work so much that by donning the glasses it somehow takes the edge of it –I’m less able to take the experience seriously… Does that count as a bio-hack?

So I write this article to condense everything I’ve ever read in life coaching, goal setting, self-help and the psychology of performance to put something out there that so succinct; so reduced; so much so as it is enough that anyone who’s struggling can pick it up and immediately behold an 8 point plan for the rest of their life. I want everyone to be spending their time doing the stuff in the opening lines and not wearing sun glasses indoors because it’s just completely ridiculous that anyone would do that.

Here’s the last 8 things you’ll ever need to read to change your situation. The last 8 things to change your life forever.

1. Know thyself: Self-knowledge is the first step on the journey of life. You can’t confidently make a single decision without knowing oneself, so journey within. Meditate and expand your spiritual net by all means but also take small practical steps in the early stages of your development. Each person is unique but this could include online personal profiling tests, a therapist, traveling with the purpose of self-exploration –maybe Julia Roberts will star in a horrifically bad movie about your experience! Something everyone can do is to improve their diet; this will have an incredibly profound effect on your mental clarity.

2. Karma is a bitch, so don’t tell lies: Don’t lie to others because you’re looking for external validation or gratification. Most of all don’t lie to yourself ie: ‘No I’m sure there is a way I could enjoy this job as a lawyer… I know I hated law all through college but… I just think that maybe this will somehow change. I just need to wake up a little earlier and… maybe buy some more expensive shoes… I will buy an awesome car that will make it all seem worthwhile’ look up ‘magical thinking’ and make sure you never do it! Follow your passion and the money and lifestyle will follow automatically.

3. Give yourself a break so you can make a master plan: I was screwing around racing pretty fast half marathons and lifting weights with no clear structure for ages before I finally gave myself a night off to make a training plan. I sat down and took as long as I needed to create a very specific, clear and measurable training program as well as to enter my first ultra distance race. This was one of a few major turning points in my training career. Don’t just toil away and think that if you’re consistently training ‘hard’ that you will somehow come out of the other side as a: insert chosen athlete or career role here, it won’t happen without a plan.

4. Practise motivation: Motivation is required daily not just on race day, or interview day or fight night as people assume. Improving your circumstances will come in the painful moments of waking up earlier, staying out on the trails longer, lifting an extra kilogram or choosing the salad over a cheese burger.

5. Live stoic: ‘a nation is born stoic and dies epicurean’ (Will Durrant). To build something great we must often relinquish the easy road to pleasure in the present moment and put in the hours to achieve some level of transcendence. I remember getting in from work late and going for a 12 mile run around midnight in the rain this year. I also now know the feeling of being able to go out and smash running PR’s over any distance. Be patient and keep pursuing your passion even when you don’t feel compelled to.

6. Get around great people: It’s said that you turn into the five people you are around the most. Be around better people! A great way to ‘cheat’ on this process is to read. Tai Lopez of the ‘Grand Theory of Everything’ podcast speaks frequently about reading to obtain the voices of experts within your mind.

7. Know that you’re supposed to experience this: From a very Eckhart Tolle spiritual perspective it may be said that everything we experience is what is intended for us. The universe is giving you exactly what you need in the moment. Every moment. Embrace it and learn from it. Maybe you need to be around assholes for a while to develop patience. Maybe you needed to be stuck in a dead-end job long enough to spur you into the action of reading this article and beginning a journey of self-improvement.

8. Know you’re one of the chosen few: It’s a very small part of the population who read articles like this. All you need to do now is grab a pen and paper and take immediate action, make a plan and hold yourself accountable. You’re one who heard the calling so hold yourself to a higher standard.

This won’t be the last piece you’ll ever read on self-development but it’s really all you’ll ever need on a base level. Start your plan and start living your life. If you’re ever out of balance, uninspired or just flat out hating life then just check back through these 8 items, one of them will have been overlooked.
So I wish you all the best.

And that’s it


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