No-Gi Seminar

10:30 – 16:00 Saturday 5th September

Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy
St Mary’s Works Unit 22 (top floor),
Burnmoor Street,

For the first ever Eat Sleep Grow Repeat seminar we have something special for any No-Gi practitioners. We have got not just one high level instructor but two and both sharing techniques from the strongest areas of their games. If that wasn’t enough we’ve thrown in a yoga routine specially designed by two qualified yoga instructors specifically for Jiu-Jitsu. To top it off we have an inspirational talk on goal setting for combat sports and unbelievably we have managed to bring you all this for the ridiculously low price of just £25! We may never be able to do this again, tickets are limited and will go quickly so please get yours ASAP to avoid disappointment at:



The Coaches

Chiu Kwon Man – Guard Seminar

Chiu Kwong Man – Guard Seminar

Chiu Kwong Man began training back in August 2002 at the ripe old age of 36, seven and a half years later he was the first person to be awarded a black belt by Braulio Estima in January 2010. Having won multiple titles, Chiu has now retired from competition in order to concentrate on continually developing his own club, Team Renegade. Excellent with or without the gi, Chiu firmly believes in the little man being able to outwit and out leverage the bigger man. He demonstrates this nowhere better than with his devasting guard game which he will share with us at the seminar . If you want to know more about Chiu check out the ‘Fighting Talk’ episode of the podcast


Nathan Leverton

 Nathan Leverton – Leglock Seminar

Nathan Leverton is a lifelong martial artist, Head Coach of the Leicester Shootfighters team and founder of the Leverage Submission Grappling system.

Nathan is particularly well known in the UK for his work with Team Rough House who he coached and cornered for over 40 fights; including 10 UFC bouts for Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy, Andre Winner and Nick Osipczak. In 2010 he retired from his role coaching the team to focus on building his own gym, Leicester MMA Academy.

He has written for and been featured in many publications including Men’s Fitness MagazineFighter’s OnlyFighting FitMMA Unlimited and Martial Arts Illustrated.

Widely regarded as an all-round technician, few would argue that the strongest part of Nathans games is his leg locks, having spent time perfecting this area with the likes of Dean Lister, Roli Delgado and Ryan Hall. This enabled him to pick up the bronze medal in the 2012 NAGA European Advanced Division despite having not competed for six years.

Nathan has appeared twice on the podcast alongside Chiu and Geoff Thompson



Josh Palmer – Goal Setting for Combat Sports TalkJosh Palmer

Josh is well known in grappling circles for his work as broadcast commentator for Cage Warriors, Polaris and his excellent Top Control Podcast. Since taking up the sport in 2007, Josh has had a prolific online presence promoting the benefits of the Jiu Jitsu for lifestyle transformation. He credits the sport withleading him to losing an incredible 130lbs in weight and ultimately saving his life. After winning the 2015 British BJJ Open, Josh recently received his BJJ brown belt under Lee Doksi and Carlson Gracie. As a personal performance coach, Josh will be running an interactive presentation on goal setting for life and sports over lunch, culminating in an in-depth group coaching session. A notepad and pen is recommended.

Check out Josh’s story on the podcast.




Ben Harrison – Yoga for Jiu Jitsu

Regular Co-host Ben Harrison is a fully accredited yoga instructor with the Yogahaven school which has given him in depth training and experience working with athletes at all physical levels. Having competed in and medalled in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling competitions, Ben has an intimate understanding of the stress combat sports place on the human body. This was the inspiration behind his decision to work with Chiu Kwong Man, also an accredited Forest yoga instructor, to develop the ultimate yoga for the combat athletes programme which means bullet proofing the body from injury, creating laser like focus, extreme mental toughness, enhanced mobility and leading to a longer athletic career.