Chicane – Ibiza Special Edition

This is a special Ibiza episode of the podcast recorded in Ibiza Town with my guest Nicholas Bracegirdle, better known as Chicane. Seventeen years on from his seminal album ‘Far From the Maddening Crowds’ Chicane shows no signs of slowing down. With a new album on the way, his ‘Sunsets’ podcast blowing up and his new Sunset set concept touring the globe, Nick continues to be at the forefront of dance music whilst sticking true to the beautiful, melodic sound with which he has become synonymous. On this show we discuss whether Ibiza is still relevant, how Spotify is degrading music and Nick offers his advice to new producers plus shares some of the tracks with us that have been doing it for him on the White Isle. Eat Sleep Grow Repeat now has a You Tube channel and if you follow the link below you can check out the promo video filmed in Ibiza for this episode featuring the Chicane classic ‘Offshore’.


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