Chase Amante – Get Girls Chasing You: Part 2

Our most popular guest from Season One, Chase Amante, returns for another pick up masterclass.  This time Ben and I met up with Chase in Beijing, China in order to provide an episode so jammed full of information that it would be of benefit to anyone, no matter what level your game is at.

Topics we cover include finding women that are looking for you, approaching groups of girls, handling cock-blockers plus Chase gives us some great tips on escalation.  We get some useful advice on body language and Chase goes on to reveal how to recognise the red flag warnings that you’re dealing with a dangerous girl.  This one is definitely worth checking out.

If you would like more advice from Chase then you should definitely check out his website,, which has loads of in-depth, well written articles  which cover all aspects of pick-up and self-improvement.

Thanks again to Leicester Shootfighters for supporting the podcast.

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