Alex DeSouza – Living the Dream

Alex DeSouza is a name familiar to any follows of the early UK MMA and BJJ scenes. His life story is amazing and reminds me of the film ‘The Bruce Lee Story’ in that Alex managed to create a top class Dojo from nothing more than a dream and years of hard work and dedication to the sport. Despite running a business and holding his own successful competitions, Alex still find time to compete regularly picking up medals all over the world with and without the Gi. This level of commitment is due to be rewarded on 13th September when Alex is due to receive his 3rd Dan from the legendary Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro.

This episode is worth listening to just for Alex’s incredible life story which took him from no rules fights in the Amazon to introducing BJJ to the south of England and now running his own successful gym. Aside from that Alex gives us tips on how to run an outstanding competition and what you should consider when making a training trip to Brazil. We discuss supplementary training for JiuJitsu, the importance of competing and much more. This is an inspirational episode I’m sure you going to enjoy.

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