Hey there, my name is Jamie Rylett and back in 2013 I made a life changing discovery, podcasts!  That may sound ridiculous but it’s true.  I’ve never really had time to read books but I do spend a lot of time driving and these previously wasted hours are now the time that I do most of my learning thanks to the wonders of the internet!  Thanks to podcasts I’ve changed my diet and training programme resulting in me being the leanest I’ve been in years plus stronger than ever before.  But the changes have been more than physical, the information I’ve received has literally changed my outlook on life and given me the inspiration to create this website and start the Eat Sleep Grow Repeat podcast.

If your reading this your probably the sort of person who wants to make changes in their life, whether you want to get fit, start a business or write a book the aim of this podcast is to give you the tools and inspiration to go out and do it!  I will be speaking to people who have done the amazing things I want to do and trying to find out how they did it.  My aim is that if you come with me on this journey along the way we will get the knowledge and inspiration to enable us to achieve our dreams too.

Let’s get started!